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    Welcome to BB Junction, Home of grass-fed beef
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Farm to Table Food & Local Beer


Our BB Junction family has been honored to deliver high quality, local scratch-made food to the central Florida community. We accomplished our goal by inspiring and informing central Florida about food sourcing, quality, nutrition and the related health effects.

Recently, we were presented with an offer to purchase our equipment and take over our lease. After much consideration and deliberation relative to our current personal and family goals, we have decided to accept the offer. Consequently, BB Junction will be closing soon. This was not an easy choice - one filled with many mixed emotions. For now, we will focus on our personal lives and spend quality time with our family. If the right opportunity presents itself in the future BB Junction may be rekindled.

We sincerely thank the many loyal customers who have supported us and want each and every one of you to know how much we appreciate and value the relationships we have built over the years. BB Junction has enabled us to engage with so many wonderful, kind people, and we have been truly blessed because you came into our restaurant and our lives. Thank you all so very, very much.

Our last day will be Sunday, September 11th. We hope that you come in for one last meal before we turn the page. There will be beer specials between now and our last day to clear our inventory. We thank the central Florida community and all our loyal customers again for your support.